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Karingal Hub Doctors

At Karingal Hub Doctors, we take pride in offering the highest standard of healthcare to all our patients. We offer a welcoming, holistic, and specialised service that focuses on your health needs, those of your family, and of the wider community. We believe in the importance of maintaining a consistent level of care, which is why the relationship you have with our team is just as vital as the medical knowledge and care we give.

Conveniently located within Karingal Hub Shopping Centre, we are poised to become your one-stop-shop for individual and family health and medical assessment, treatment, and ongoing holistic wellbeing. With a new medical practice, patients can avail themselves of cutting-edge technology and equipment, modern, comfortable consulting rooms, and qualified professional and administrative staff.

We bulkbill most services for patients holding a valid Medicare card.

Our Mission

Our Services

Women’s Health

Men’s Health

Paediatric Health


Travel Medicine


Antenatal Care

Medical Healthcare Check-ups

Early Intervention

Acute and Chronic Condition Management

Minor Skin Procedures

Seasonal Vaccines

Mental Health

Medical Reports

Small Scale Surgeries

Sports Medicine

Occupational Health

Pain Management

Travel Health

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